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Community Integration

Distributed Appointment

From hospital ... to clinic ... to high street ... to home

Medics Local provides additional secondary care capacity in new locations and loctions closer to patients. By distributing and coordinating appointment elements across commuinty locations.

Data Collection
Collection of data or scans at high street locations, local medical sites, or through phone interview.

Medic Review
An appointment for the patient with the medic having access to all data and past notes. Can be undertaken at a range of locations including virtually if appropriate.

Treatment for the patient at a suitably equipped and CQC registered location.

Coordination between patient, medic, and partners all managed remotely. Similarly so for appointment scheduling, letter production, and remuneration services.

Secure Data Transfer

Secure data transfer between community care providers such as GPs, optometrists, or physiotherapists.

Secondary care doctor
Data & Findings
Images & Scans
Data Requests
Follow Ups
Community care provider

Multimedia data can be submitted through secure forms integrated within the homepage for convenient access.

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Admin System

Mobile Patient Administration System

Medics Local provies a secure patient administration system optimised for use on mobile devices. The PAS has a low barrier for training and technical requirements. The PAS covers the entire patient pathway including:

Service Promotion

Virtual Office

A local phone number for patients to call during the work day with either call forwarding or message taking service.


A website optimised for search engines and integration with review and mapping systems.

Targeted Service

Use of demographic mapping to focus the service on to those areas with highest under served demand.

Printed Media

Collaborative design, and production of booklets, leaflets, banners, and business cards.

App Development

Supporting Community Services

Working in community locations can present unique challenges. It is very beneficial to reduce the amount of equipment required at each location or to be transported between locations.

Medics Local can develop applications to satisfy, where possible, functions required by medics in community clinics.

Example: EZVA Visual Acuity Test

A visual acuity test designed to work on a range of devices including mobile phones. For use in both the community clinic settings and by patients in their own home.

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Payment Processing

Private Patients

Production and monitoring of invoices. Providing a range of payment options including credit card.

Insured Patients

Completing required forms, submissions and communications with the range of health insurance companies.

NHS Patients

Submission of data to the required NHS data portals to satisfy contract requirements for remuneration.